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We strive to create bridges between different styles and musicians, and to cross stylistic barriers in order to fuse the music from the past with influences from today. We explore this music in a more actual angle, fusing styles, sounds, phrasing, inspirations and improvisation. In an age in which national divisions seem to be just as present as ever in spite of economic globalization, it is all the more urgent for musical and stylistic fusions to imaginatively cross these borders, literally and figuratively. Here we present a 'decolonised' version of Bach, in which the social structures of counterpoint are liberated to the democratic processes of jazz, improvisation and collaboration.


Inspired by works from J. S Bach, our current project “Back to Bach” aims to blend a unique new sound by marrying the specificities of the baroque performance practice as well as those of jazz, including their respective styles of improvisation and ornementations. Fueled by major works of the German legend like St. Mathew and John Passions, as well as the Missa Brevis in A minor, cantatas and keyboard works, this rich repertoire spring off for inspiration. The end result transforms these works with new harmonies, rhythm, phrasing as well as brand new composition elements in between.


LWV 999 Herz und Mund was written by Lucie (pianist), based on the little prelude in Cm. She gave to it an unstable metric and wrote vocal lines on top of it, sustained by a groovy bass line. The idea of the melody of the slow middle section loosely comes from the italian concerto (but not really) dressed with a text extract from the cantata “Herz und Mund"


LWV 234 Qui tollis is based on an aria from the Missa Brevis in Am, originally with two traversos that Lucie (voice) was performing it at the time, Lucie (the pianist) was looking for new material to play with. Charmed by the eternal beauty of the aria (and quite lazy), Lucie (voice) pretended to have discovered it during extensive roaming sessions.


LWV 127 Die Seele Ruht is the first born of the series. Struck by the beauty of this spiritual music, Lucie (the pianist) started to experiment with it after Lucie (the singer) asked her to record the aria. It gave birth to this new version with groovy interlude in between and new metric. The mayonnaise took immediately, the ladies were both hooked and got the will to go further.

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Lucie de Saint Vincent

Eclectic French pianist trained in classical, early keyboard, improvisation and jazz, Lucie seeks to fuse all the influences she has encountered to create new ones. she is the founding mother of Collectif Trytone. She loves travelling across different musical worlds and crossing genres, influences, cultures and people. Most of the arrangements came out of her brain (and especially heart).

Joao Driessen

Spanning a broad range of musical disciplines. Joao Driessen is known for his exhilarating playing and formidable musicianship. Current bands include Acquaphonica, Benoit Martiny Band, BvR Flamenco Big Band, the Blazin' Quartet, Taco Nieuwenhuizen Group, and the Dutch Concert Big Band. Growing up in London, and coming from a musical family, Joao was exposed to music from an early age. In 2004 he moved to Amsterdam to pursue studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Joao has remained active in NL and continues to perform regularly with his contemporaries.

Mihail 'Mischo' Ivanov

Mihail Ivanov won the Dutch Jazz Competition together with the “Blazin' Quartet” and was awarded with the “NORMA Best Soloist Prize 2008”. In March 2009 as part of the Aleksandar Grujic Trio, Mihail won 1st prize at the Holland Casino Jazz & Pop award. Since then he's been performing all over the world with the Blazin' Quartet, Bodurov Trio, Acquaphonica, Roberto Sanchez Picasso Trio, Martin Lubenov's Jazzta Prasta Trio, The Bulchemists and others. In 2014 he was invited to lead the bass department at the ‘True School of Music’ in Mumbai, India. Mihail has performed in The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, India, China, Thailand, Israel.


Joan Terol Amigo

Joan Terol is a Catalan musician currently living in Amsterdam, but also very connected to the jazz scene in Catalonia. His main projects today are Xavi Torres Trio, Trempera!, The BvR Flamenco Big Band, Henk Kraaijeveld, Nomadic Treasures, Yasam Hancilar Band and Els Tres Tenors. Along his career as a musician he has recorded more than 30 albums and he has played in some of the most important European jazz clubs and festivals with renowned musicians such as Benny Golson, Lee Konitz, Jordi Rossy, Jesse Davis, Maria Schneider, Jesse van Ruller, Ben van Gelder, Reinier Baas, Marco Mezquida, Horacio Fumero, Albert Bover, Raynald Colom and Marc Miralta, among others. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 he won the Keep An Eye International Jazz Award with different groups and in 2016 the Dutch Jazz Competition with the Xavi Torres Trío.

Maribeth Diggle

Maribeth Diggle (USA) has performed in venues such as Sadler’s Wells, Het Concertgebouw, Théâtre de la Ville, Götteborg Opera, Opera North, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Ruhr Triennale, Seoul LG Arts Center, and Wien Tanzquartier, and received her vocal education from the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Musik Hochschule Luzern, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and graduated with cum laude from the Dutch National Opera Academy. Her repertoire includes powerful female title roles, such as Cherubini’s Médée (Médée), Die Frau (Erwartung), Cio cio san (Madama Butterfly), and Aida (Aida), and has also taken part in many new creations, such as Vsprs and Pitie! (Les Ballets C. de la B.) Kane (Oomen), The Jewish Connection (Lisi Estaras/Ido Batash) and Falling (Ezequiel Menalled/Maribeth Diggle). Currently, she is engaged as a musical dramaturge at Les Ballets C. de la B., throughout the creation of Requiem pour L.


Leïla Soldevila

As a bassist, composer, and arranger, Leïla Soldevila is equally at home in jazz and improvised music, traditional music of different cultures and in pop, chanson, tango and classical music. She began playing the piano at the age of six and later studied classical and jazz bass at the conservatories of Lyon,The Hague, and Paris. She obtained Master’s Degree of "Jazz and Improvised Musics" of CNSMD of Paris in 2013. She is interested in artistic realizations that associate different artistic categories. The adventures she shares with the «Altouras» group (melody & painting), and within the shows "Achnabour" (directed by Christian Schiaretti at T.N.P. De Villeurbanne), «Bavardage» (dance show of the «Corps et des Accords» company under the direction of the choreograph Carole Hivet), «Au bonheur des hommes» (Musical produced by Jean-Marie Lecoq), «L'amour Anarchiste Breaking news concert » (theatrical creation with the Underground Sugar company), reflect this momentum. As member of various ensembles she tours across France and performs in many European countries; she has also been heard in Canada, India, Bangladesh, Morocco, Iran, Cuba, and the Ivory Coast.

Lucie Chartin

Lucie Chartin graduated cum laude from the Early Music Department of the Amsterdam Conservatoire. Her most recent opera commitments include Orphée et Eurydice (Amour) at the Metz Opera, Hamlet (Ophélie) and Dr Miracle’s Last Illusion (Olympia) with the company Opera2Day, Die Zauberflöte (Die Königin der Nacht) at the Festival Escales lyriques in France. She has also taken part in world premieres, including Before Present by Anat Spiegel at the Dutch National Opera. She has performed in concert with the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra, the Dutch Chamber Orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Asko|Schönberg, the New European Ensemble and the Orchestra of the XVIIIth Century. Upcoming plans include Giulio Cesare by Haendel (Cleopatra) at Opera North, Amadeus by P. Schaffer (Köngin der Nacht, Konstanze) touring with Het National Theater.
Lucie Chartin

Guilhem Verger

Passionated by improvisation, jazz, and classical music, Guilhem begins to study music at 9. After studying in Perpignan Conservatory (saxophone and Jazz Gold medal), then Paris Superior Conservatory (Jazz and Classical Writing), he begins a musician career (Accordion /electro effects , Saxophone, Clarinet) as well as a composer / arranger. It brings him all around Europe but also in Mexico, China and Africa (Maghreb).


Intuitive and sensitive drummer, Maxime is very quickly attracted by improvisation and sound research. He likes to evolve in many musical universes ranging from improvised music (Supercargo trio, Sextet Ouroboros, Malboro Bled, HD Synestet), current (Volin , indie rock band) or traditional (Syrto, collective La Guiguinche) and actively participates in the development of jazz in the Occitan region in south of France.






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